Ferrari Enzo

1/10th Scale Automotive Sculpture



“Slipstream” is a carbon fiber and acrylic composite automotive sculpture of the Ferrari Enzo. One of Ferrari’s five “halo” cars, the Enzo is a timeless design that has many fascinating design surfaces and angles. At 1/10th scale this is one of my smaller sculptures and was designed to be displayed in a collector’s office.

The intent behind this automotive sculpture was to capture the dynamic airflow over the Ferrari’s surfaces. It is constructed with a combination of composite resin, carbon fiber and acrylic. The “ribbons” of air are translucent acrylic with polished edges. At different angles these edges reflect the ambient light and appear to glow. This glow effect amplifies the dynamic lines that flow throughout the sculpture.

“Slipstream” was debuted at the Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach, FL where it was purchased by a private collector.


Name: “Slipstream”

Theme: Ferrari Enzo

Scale: 1/10th Scale

Price: Sold!!!

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Enzo Ferrari